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March 31, 2006
This was supposed to be my first blog entry, but it turned into more of an editorial on how I view the problems in today's society.

Itís all about the self, isnít it?

I say, no.

Unfortunately, most people answer yes.

When everyone is doing what they want for themselves they hurt everyone else around them. That in turn comes back around and bites you in the backside. Thatís why I believe in putting others before yourself.

I'll have my own example at the end of this blog, but an excellent current example is the recent unrest in France. On the surface, the new employment law will hire more youth workers, which it was intended to do. The protestors have it right, though: By not retaining workers, businesses can keep their wage expenses down and increase their profits.

Think it doesn't happen? The next time you go into a store, look around and see how many people are waiting for help. Nine out of ten times, there will be people waiting when they should not be.

Another example: Mary Kay Laterno got off because the boy, age fourteen, was not allowed to testify because his parents thought it would be "too traumatic".

Please. If I were fourteen and had my teacher, and she looked like that, I'd go on that stand and say, "Yeah, I had her!"

Truth is, this is just a case of parents afraid of looking bad. I see this all the time, living close to the Bible Belt.

(Yes, I recently read How Fundamentalism Betrays Christianity and I agree with everything he said about modern day Christians.)

My story is one of those high-school-I-knew-her-and-I-lost her stories. In this case, she was more worried about having someone who already had a good job. I don't know the entire story, but I later found out she married rich and lost him and has had two more husbands since then. That's how much I know. The rumor I heard is that she tries to marry "up".

Let's make it brief: She had a rich first husband, and she wants to trade up. It's all about her. How she look, what she can do. Her family never plays into it, as she has children who must be hurt by this behavior, and possibly confused.

I, meanwhile, keep getting bosses from hell.

At my last job, my boss was a screamer and a control freak. You know, the kind of person who comes in after you learn the "right way", smiling because she knows she's right. Anyway, during my five months there, two people quit, one didn't agree with anything she said, and I was confronted on several occassions for various reasons by a coworker (one of the people the above mentioned book discusses). I defended myself, leading to a brief screaming match. Later, this would contribute to my firing. Several others quit immediately after.

I found all the above out this past January. As for my manager, she is still working there.

TWO . . .
YEARS . . .

Why me? They sighted legal reasons and other concerns, but that's a side show. You see was the kitchen manager and she never gets any fines. Not because there are no violations, but because the Food Cops never look in the right place. This is just a marketing tool to be used by The Corporation to bring in the bucks. If they knew how much ranting and screaming she does (and I strongly suspect they do), she'd be gone in a heartbeat.

None of my replacements has lasted. One quit the same day--because of her attitude. Yet The Corporation is more concerned about their own image. It's all about them and the money of the people who pay them, not about the people they're supposed to be good to.

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