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October 10, 2006

People change their minds all the time.

Yes, I changed my mind this week.

I said I'd expand on the May 28 blog on the focus and focal point. Well, that needs to wait.

I've got something even more important to talk about.

I had to change a link this week because I had it wrong. On my links page, I have a number of links to Houston sports teams. Well, the link to the Houston Dynamo was wrong. It's now fixed . . . after almost seven months.

The keyword for this blog is accuracy.

Accuracy is vital in all forms of writing. Accuracy leads to consistency. You don't just be consistent, because you may not be accurate. And if you're not accurate, trust me, someone will know it. And that someone could make trouble for you, especially if your writing is non-fiction.

The only way to see if you are accurate is research. But be thorough when you do research. The way you were taught in school is incomplete. You must prove your own research as accurate by backtracking the sources. In other words, you have to look up the source and make sure that what was taken from it was not taken out of context. You keep going until you get to an indisputable source: a historical document, a photograph, a geological structure, whatever.

I forgot to check my source.


I'll bring up some examples of how poor research creates problems in my next blog. For now, I'd like to with the Hurricanes luck in the playoffs!

[yes, mistake caught. see the next blog]

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