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A Quick Rundown on W G

This page will soon be replaced. All information is being moved to the My Bio page.

I love to cook.
Conservative? Liberal? Progressive?
None of the above. Iím my own person.
Right now, I'm supporting Spring Democrats.
The most underrated actress in every way is Tracey Gold.
My next favorite is Christina Applegate.
My favorite actors are Bruce Willis,
Keifer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen,
and Nicolas Cage.
I often read science fiction or poetry.
I also like to read about ancient Egypt.
My favorite TV shows are
Married . . . With Children, That '70s Show, 24,
Sliders, Babylon 5, and Space: 1999.
My favorite movies are Citizen Kane, 12 Monkeys,
Being John Malkovich, and anything by Mel Brooks.
I don't care about a singer's image or look.
My favorite performer is Deborah Gibson.
My favorite writers are Seamus Heaney, Robert Jordan,
H.P. Lovecraft, and Alistair Reynolds.
If I could be on a reality show, it would be The Mole.
If not, then The Amazing Race
I learned most of what I know by watching game shows.
Most of the rest came through experience.
School taught me nothing more than the basics,
but thatís just basic.
I relax at art galleries, museums,
the zoo, the beach, or the arboretum.
I love to visit Eb5.
My favorite sports team is the U.S. Soccer Team.
Second is any team with Houston in its name.
Third is whoever plays the Cowboys or Titans.
I am also a closet cheese-head.
My favorite foods are sesame chicken, sweet and sour pork,
beef a líorange, and mixed fajitas.
I like my pizza with pepperoni, black olives, and mushrooms.
I used to own my own shop.
It was called "Game Town Spring".
I played the bells in middle school
and my freshman year in high school.
I played soccer from ages 7-14 and 25-27.
My advice to all coaches is to let the kids play!
Theyíre having their fun. Stop screaming at them!
You can work on the problems during practice.

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