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May 12, 2006

First, I'd like to take a moment to thank Kartik Trivedi.

Many painters and art fans will recognize the name. His works are well known, even being placed in the White House and Buckingham Palace. His works sell upwards of $3,000. He is, indeed, one of the great painters of our time.

He was also my Drawing I instructor.

Mr. (and if you know me well, you know it's hard for me to call anyone "mister", so he should feel honored) Trivedi provided an excellent instruction course. We had a class show midsemester, did projects including watercolor pencil and conte crayon, and helped me fully understand chiaroscuro. He is also an accomplished pianist.

The reason I'm mentioning him is because in a few months, a documentary on his life will begin to hit the airwaves, probably on PBS. I don't know its title or when it will first air, but be on the watch for it.

I'm not in it, by the way.

The second thing I want to do is announce my first solo show, "Patterns of Patterns: A demonstration of the power of black and white working together in harmony". It will be at Eb5 International Art Gallery from September 20 to October 1 of this year. The reception will begin at 7pm on Friday, September 22.

Now, for the regular blog.

I took a good look at the "Hitler O'Keefe" drawing this week, and it definately is not something I should share. The shadow descending from the nose looks too much like the famous mustache because of the black and white style, plus the hair came out eerily similar. If it had been color, I doubt I would have had that problem. But, I won't destroy it. It's a part of my artistic history. Maybe I'll become famous for my drawings, and the name will become famous without it ever being seen. Then, sometime after I die, it may be discovered and give me true immortality.

I did, though, make a big mistake. Simply put, the shadow was too dark. It's the same shade as the hair, which makes it look more like hair than a shadow. Then again, lots of art pieces meet similar fates, but never produce such a reaction as I'd love to have after I'm gone. It's still a nice dream, though.

I uploaded four to the art page today. I'd like to take a look at a couple for a moment:

This was my final drawing in Mr. Trivedi's class. I have no idea where this building is located, but the photograph had a tree, street, sidewalk, and the right side extended off the page. Still, it came out extremely well.

"Canyon Road" was done entirely from my mind, probably the only one the entire class did the entire semester without a picture of any kind. What I like about this one is the tiny details you have trouble seeing in the photo. There's a stop sign about 3mm tall, a boat on the bottom, and things sticking out of the cliff sides. Those small details can separate good art from great art.

I also did a cardinal in watercolor pencil, but only the bird was from a photo; the background was all me. I'll show you that one sometime in the future.

Hopefully, I'll see a couple of you at Millbend Coffeehouse this weekend. I'll be in a side room you can see into as you're walking toward the entrance. Just go in, turn right, turn right again, and it's the open door on the right. I'll have a report on that next week.

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