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February 23, 2009
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February 23, 2009

This is the third part of me explaining some things about my 100 things list.

Part One.
Part Two.

  1. I'll try almost any food at least once, even if it's just a single bite. The exception is Panamanian fried tarantula--spiders scare the living crap out of me! I love eel sushi, anchovy and onion pizza, veggie stuffed manicotti, and every kind of apple except Macintosh and Jonathan.
To me, food is the core of life. We must eat, so we must enjoy it. Find a good recipe and make it. Don't just grab stuff and throw it all together, know what goes together and mix them. I don't like dried ingredients, except sun-dried tomatoes, and the worst food of all time is ketchup. I don't even keep it in my house.

And as for spiders, there was a series of events when I was a kid that all involved spiders popping up out of nowhere. The worst was when one crawled up my leg. I though it was an itch, looked down, and threw my leg over to the front seat, screaming at Mom to get it off me! In college, I was almost over it, until someone who didn't know how to be a friend used it against me. Then the movie Arachniphobia came out...

  1. I once lived with a ghost. I was renting a place in New Mexico, and three of us knew it was there. One wasn't sure, until he saw it. That's the only time in my life I've seen a man on crutches run at full speed!
To top it off, the unit number was 13.

  1. I once owned my own business, selling games and game supplies in Old Town Spring. The building was haunted, and the ghost once poked me in the side. Plus, I shared the building with a New Age shop.
This shop was my dream, and closing it after only a few months was painful. Between Christmas and mid-February, I only had $10 in sales. Then I had a $216 day, but it was too late by that time.

  1. I don't believe in being rich. How can anyone hold onto that money when so many other people need it?
  2. For the same reason, I don't believe in two-income households--each household with a second income could be another household with no income.
These two are obviously connected. It's an economic fact that salaries must be paid for by sales, so the higher the salary, the higher the cost. So, as salaries go up, so do costs, and subsequently prices. That's what's making it harder for people to live. This leads to two-income households, which in some cases must lead to no-income households. Wise up, people!

  1. I believe psychology is a pseudoscience because they act like everyone thinks the same way, which they don't.
Someone brought up the Rorschack (spelling?) test. This points out quirks and current problems, but it allows the shrink to try to get him to think "normally", when in reality his thought process is different.

  1. I also think pharmaceuticals are a pseudoscience. Our bodies adapt to the environment, so if we're pumping our bodies full of medications, what foreign substances are our bodies adapting to? And what happens if they suddenly disappear?
It is now known that our bodies adapted to changes in the environment over many years. That means that our immune systems adapted to the viruses and bacteria so they won't kill us. Medicines are a substance that is foreign to our bodies, so our bodies will fight it. Meanwhile, the diseases those medicines help our bodies fight don't have as much of an effect on our immune systems, so we lose some immunity. I don't think we're seeing new diseases, I think we've just lost our resistance to old diseases.

  1. Everyone thinks I look under 21 except those who are supposed to card me. The only thing I can ever get carded for nowadays, though, is wine, which I only use for cooking fish.
  2. I've only been drunk once in my life, and that was just to find out what it was like. On another occassion, I was the only one who didn't drink, and I was the one who didn't remember anything the next day!
I usually don't drink, and when I do, I have a single wine cooler. Not that bottled stuff, I mean actually mixing wine and club soda.

  1. I love swords, and I would love to learn swordfighting.
  2. I don't believe in guns; to me, non-ranged weapons are for men. Face death with honor!
I want my sword to be long, thick, and curved, kind of like a Kopesh. I was actually in a battle with an SCA champion when I first went to college, and I actually beat him!

More next time...

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