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February 7, 2009

There's been a bunch of lists like "Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Me" or "25 Random Things About Me" that have been running around the Internet lately. Instead of posting several times, I'm placing a hundred items about myself here.

  1. During November of my senior year, I had a secret relationship with someone from Tomball. But she cheated on me with a friend, and we broke up. I donít know whatís happened to either of them since, and I donít really care. But Iíve only truly cared about two women since then, and when I ran into one of them was when I broke up with someone else because I didnít want to put her through that with the emotions I was going through.
  2. I once travelled a thousand miles to win the heart of one of those ladies. I have no idea what went wrong, but I never really recovered. The other met someone and travelled a thousand miles to be with him.
  3. #1 is why Iím such a fan of Matt Hardy of WWE. That's where I've been taking issue with the WWE writers. As far as I'm concerned, he's a "babyface" for life, and turning him "heel" will only give people permission to treat victims like us as the problem.
  4. On that note, one thing I despise more than most others is when someone is put in a situation they can't get out of no matter what they know or how hard they try, then are told, "Blame yourself!". Matt Hardy had his girlfriend stolen, then got fired for his natrual violent reactions. Meanwhile, the guy who stole her was made champion within a few months and has had the belt several times, since.
  5. I was out twice after I was expected home. Both times, when I got home, Mom was out looking for me, my sister was at the house waiting for me, and the police had been called. Needless to say, I never did it again. And if my Dad had been around, it would have actually been bad!
  6. I am very eclectic. In fact, some have called me random. But it all makes sense to me! Except how varied my tastes in music areóWillie Nelson, 3 Doors Down, Enigma, MC Hammer, Jewel, and DC Talk, all on one playlist! The only style I canít get into is gansta.
  7. Everyone tells me I overthink things. Sometimes, I canít see them thinking at all, just reacting to the situation. Iíve made some mistakes, true, but Iíve also called people on their mistakes and turned out to be right.
  8. Iíve been writing since I was nine. I have so many stories in my head, I couldnít possibly put them all on paper in a lifetime. About five years ago, I found a bunch of things Iíve written through the yearsóscripts, songs, poems, and the likeóand realize some of them were pretty good, and others were total crap. Iíve written everything but hard porn, but there are ideas in my head that would freak the industry out!
  9. I did two demo music tapes at the start of 1991, but they came out so bad that I never had anything to do with the industry again.
  10. I study religions worldwide. I have two Bibles (Protestant and Orthodox), the Bhagavad-Gita, the Ashtavakragita, and books on Kaballah, Islam, Buddhism, Zen, and the Rosicrusians of California. One thing Iíve learned without a doubt is that no religion (especially any Christian group) looks at any other religion the right way.
  11. I also study prophecy worldwide, from Christianity to Buddhism to Hopi to Nostradamus to Cayce. Theyíre all pointing at the same thing, and Iím not sure what it is. The one thing I know for sure, though, is that no prophecy happens the way anyone thinks it will happen. I reject the Endtimes theories tossed around by Protestant Christians because of the studies Iíve done, especially the ďraptureĒ, but I must admit that ďLeft BehindĒ is a great read.
  12. I firmly believe that the most important lesson anyone can learn is when to quit. I've seen too many people get in trouble because someone else didn't give up, and I've seen to many people force bad ideas onto others because they don't admit they're wrong.
  13. I have seen seven UFOs. Three were at my house, two were on the road, one was walking back home, and the other was in New Mexico. (ďTeenage girls kidnapped by UFOs piloted by Elvis impersonators and forced into prostitution in Singaporeóon the next Geraldo!Ē)
  14. I am adopted. I met my birth mother in 1992 and found out her side of the family never graduated college because they canít pass lab courses. Thatís why Iíve settled for two-year degrees.
  15. On the first day of one class, I saw someone coming to the room. She was freaking HOT!!!!! I made up my mind then and there to ask her out. Then she pulled out the key and unlocked the door. (Insert the obvious song here.)
  16. Iíve had four majors. The first was Astrophysics (0.5 GPA). Next was Drama. I was in five plays in two and a half years, including three major roles. They are Cardinal Wolsey from ďA Man For All SeasonsĒ; the lawyer, I canít remember his name, from ďLittle WomenĒ, and Mr. Kraler in ďThe Diary of Anne FrankeĒ. Business Management (which I completed) was next, and now Film, which is almost done. They seem an odd combination, but Iím planning on both documentaries and indie sci-fi. Does it make sense, now?
  17. I can learn the rules for any game and have a strategy planned out in two minutes. Itís really upset a bunch of people Iíve clobbered in my first game!
  18. I believe that weíre not supposed to find love, but that love is supposed to find us without our help. We fight it, and thatís why there are so many failed marriages out there.
  19. I once lived off macaroni and cheese for two months and dropped to 124 pounds. After that, I ballooned to 216. For the last five years, Iíve gone between 165 and 190.
  20. In high school, I bench pressed 120. One rep, and never again. When I was working with weights a couple years ago, I started at 60. I then reached 145 and had to stop because the weights were hitting the side padding of my set. Last week, I got started again and did 95. My goal is to do a 300-pound full body lift, like pro weightlifters do; I maxed at 160. Before I stopped, I did two-hour endurance workouts, and that was just upper body.
  21. I am heavily into ancient history, especially Egypt and the Middle East. I can actually hold my own with college students on a number of topics. (Did you know Cleopatra was Greek? Or that thereís proof the early Pharaohs were descended from a conqueror from the Middle East? How about how they made beer?)
  22. I love all animals. Except raccoons. That thing jumped on me and put two holes in my leg!
  23. Animals either love me or hate me. I know because every animal I've ever known has either tried to rub up against me or bite me.
  24. When I consider my entire life so far, I would say Darlene is the best friend IĎve ever had. For two people who havenít seen each other face to face in almost twenty years, weíve sure had some good conversations!
  25. I love classic black and white movies: Harvey, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Third Man, the original The Day the Earth Stood Still, and my favorite is Citizen Kane.
  26. I also love Ď70s sci-fi, like Space:1999, Battlestar Galactica, and Battle Beyond the Stars (okay, 1980, but close enough!)
  27. I canít stand anything with Woody Allen or Clint Eastwood. They're just boring to me.
  28. My favorite line of all time was when Niles, from Frazier, found out how Marisí family got her fortune. He read the document, slowly turned around, and said, ďUrinal cakes?Ē
  29. People who look at some of my likes assume Iím gay. Iím not, but I have several friends who are. My only problem with gay people is when they hit on me, which has happened three times!
  30. Between March 1997 and January 2008, none of my friends were straight white males.
  31. My cousin was talked about in a book used as a textbook in some medical classes, Landon from ďFirst Do No HarmĒ. He passed away not long after the book came out.
  32. My Mom was related to Johnny Horton, and friends down the road were related to Dottie West. A friend of mine once sang with Debbie Gibson and is on a first name basis with Tiffany.
  33. I love living back in the woods. Sometimes, I can do almost anything and get away with it! Letís see, Iíve . . . no, Iím not gonna say on a public forum!
  34. I'm a cheese lover. I put extra sharp Cheddar on just about everything, and I'll get Glouchester, Edom, or Brie for crackers, and sometimes Bleu for salads. And it has to be real cheese, not that processed junk!
  35. I'll try almost any food at least once, even if it's just a single bite. The exception is Panamanian fried tarantula--spiders scare the living crap out of me! I love eel sushi, anchovy and onion pizza, veggie stuffed manicotti, and every kind of apple except Macintosh and Jonathan.
  36. I once lived with a ghost. I was renting a place in New Mexico, and three of us knew it was there. One wasn't sure, until he saw it. That's the only time in my life I've seen a man on crutches run at full speed!
  37. I once owned my own business, selling games and game supplies in Old Town Spring. The building was haunted, and the ghost once poked me in the side. Plus, I shared the building with a New Age shop. (Did you know OTS is the most haunted area in Texas?)
  38. I love watching the squirrels, rabbits, and birds in my yard. There was a deer, too, but my neighbor named it "dinner". :-(
  39. I am learning Spanish, Hebrew, and ancient Egyptian, and plan to learn Russian.
  40. I don't believe in being rich. How can anyone hold onto that money when so many other people need it?
  41. For the same reason, I don't believe in two-income households--each household with a second income could be another household with no income.
  42. I believe psychology is a pseudoscience because they act like everyone thinks the same way, which they don't.
  43. I also think pharmaceuticals are a pseudoscience. Our bodies adapt to the environment, so if we're pumping our bodies full of medications, what foreign substances are our bodies adapting to? And what happens if they suddenly disappear?
  44. I, unlike most, am aware that the Kama Sutra is not a sex manual! It's actually a spiritual book used by yogis.
  45. Everyone thinks I look under 21 except those who are supposed to card me. The only thing I can ever get carded for nowadays, though, is wine, which I only use for cooking fish.
  46. Barak Obama and Rick Noriega are the only major party candidates I've ever supported. I almost joined the Greens until I found out they're just a bunch of career protestors. The Libertarians look like a bunch of anarchists, and the other indy parties aren't worth anything. I'd love to start my own political party, so much that I already have a platform.
  47. I've only been drunk once in my life, and that was just to find out what it was like. On another occassion, I was the only one who didn't drink, and I was the one who didn't remember anything the next day!
  48. I love swords, and I would love to learn swordfighting.
  49. I don't believe in guns; to me, non-ranged weapons are for men. Face death with honor!
  50. I've been in a few fights, and I've only lost one, but only because he was HUGE!!! Still, I have beaten guys bigger than me. But now, I have a bum shoulder, so fighting isn't an option.
  51. I don't want a big, expensive car. I prefer something smaller and more environmental. That's why I'm not ashamed of my Neon.
  52. I love studying word origins. I started for the correct pronunciation of pee-CAHN (French "picant", same pronunciation, meaning "flavorful").
  53. My most relaxing hobby is visiting museums. My most frustrating hobby is constructing crossword puzzles because I get to those last few letters, and I'm stuck.
  54. The best show on TV is, and has been for a long time, Nova. It's something different every week, and they present it in such a great way.
  55. I listen to music for the lyrics, unless, of course, it's an instrumental. The best lyrics are classic Country, like "El Paso", "Good Ol' Boys Like Me", "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown", and "Smoky Mountain Rain". "Sister Christian" has great lyrics, but just wasn't done right. The best lyrics ever were by Genesis: "No Son of Mine", "Jesus, He Knows Me", "Land of Confusion", and "I Can't Dance", especially. Great lyrics are seriously lacking, today, unless you look at some of the more recent female pop singers like Pink and Katy Perry. The one song I love that I can't figure out is "Sleeping Satellite", though I know the Apollo 11 mission ties into it.
  56. Just thought I'd throw out some of the better, but not best, song lyrics I've written. I chose this song because a musician saw them once and knew in an instant is was cowritten, and I don't wan't to go through the hassle of drawing up a release form, mailing it, gettin it notarized, mailing it back, going to the musician, and being told, "You did it wrong!" That happened to me in something else!
    Written by W G Walters (with D. Taylor)
    copyright (c) 1990, 1991, 1993, 2009

    Type: Slow ballad

    I remember when I first met you
    You were, oh, so shy
    Didn't want to talk to me
    Then finally
    You spoke to me
    We finally got to know each other

    I remember what we first talked about
    And when we were alone for the first time
    That's when I fell
    I love with you
    And though you may not realize
    I can tell you love me too

    I've never known anyone like you before
    And I'll never know anyone like you again
    But you will always be in my heart
    Because we were always more than friends
    Nobody knows what the Fates have in store
    And maybe someday we'll be together again
    Maybe the next time it won't have to end
    And perhaps we can be more than friends

    I remember the night I left you
    Torn away by my fate
    All we had was never said
    It's a silent dream
    I need to share
    One I hope I never see end

    I've never known anyone like you before
    And I'll never know anyone like you again
    But you will always be in my heart
    Because we were always more than friends
    Nobody knows what the Fates have in store
    And maybe someday we'll be together again
    Maybe the next time it won't have to end
    And perhaps we can be more than friends

    I can't see myself with anyone else
    You're the one I truly love
    And what I want more than anything
    Is just to see you again

    I've never known anyone like you before
    And I'll never know anyone like you again
    But you will always be in my heart
    Because we were always more than friends
    Nobody knows what the Fates have in store
    And maybe someday we'll be together again
    Maybe the next time it won't have to end
    And perhaps we can be more than friends

  58. My biggest pet peeve is long lines. To me, that just means they're not prepared. They claim they were ready for what was expected, but what actually happens can be worse than what's expected. I was once the only one in the kitchen at Sonic when an accident hit the freeway and we were pounded for an hour and a half, and the store manager never called for help. Anyone who thinks restricting labor is the way to maintain profit doesn't deserve to be a manager, in my opinion. Fixed labor should help improve the economy! If you keep laying off people or cutting their hours, that's less people out there spending!
  59. I don't see anything wrong with nudity, and I have problems with people who equate it with sex. You can have sex without being naked, and you can be naked without having sex. (My business law teacher felt the same way, and so did my Sunday School teacher.)
  60. I'd work three jobs if I were paid in watching soccer.
  61. I played soccer a total of ten years, and I scored two goals with who-in-the-world-knows-how-many assists. My dream is to see fifty-four games of the World Cup, the most it's physically possible to see in one event, depending on the country it's held in. It would take a rented helicopter to get to all the stadiums in time, though, and that would be a pain the arse.
  62. I traced one family line to the captain of the ship that founded Jamestown. Another ancestor was a Scottish minister. I can't find anything on my Mom's dad, though, because the census record I need was destroyed in a fire.
  63. I'm a strong Christian, but I don't believe in forcing my beliefs on others, so I try not to talk about it outside of what I'm up to. If someone is trying to prove they're the true Christian and ask if I'm really a Christian, I say "no" with a silent prayer of forgiveness and an unspoken, "I don't agree with you."
  64. I live my life by I Corinthians 13, the chapter defining love and how powerful it is.
  65. Though most of the women on my "babe list" (sorry, feminists, that's the only phrase I could think of) are blondes, the brunettes and redheads tend to be at the top.
  66. I had to take Calculus I twice, and Calculus II four times. I finished the book on my own.
  67. I love dragons, but not the "mood dragons". I like the big, colorful ones that seem to lear at you.
  68. I love reading poetry. My favorite poets are the Irish, such as Yeats and Butler, and my favorite is Seamus Heaney.

    This image, made for educational purposes, contains copyrighted material and may not be copied.
  69. If I had only one CD, it would be "The Best of Simon and Garfunkel".
  70. I was stuck in New Mexico one Thanksgiving because the airport shuttle never showed up. Me and my roomate went to the girls' dorm and made pizza. We used waaaaayyyyy to much dough and had the ultra-mega-deep-dish.
  71. The one thing I hated in high school was the blowhorns we used in football practice. I hate things that loud!
  72. I quit football after my freshman year because I didn't think it was as rough as soccer.
  73. I was the 1992 Houston City Amateur Chess Champion. I did it with a win and a draw over two players a full level above me and almost took their title, too!
  74. I now play chess online, and in September went thirty-four games with two draws and no losses. I had a lot of time on my hands in San Antonio waiting for the all-clear from Ike, and my game sense kicked in full time. Since coming back, that sense is gone, again.
  75. I have a painting in my house I'd love to get appraised. It's a really old painting of a fairy sitting behind a Schlitz bottle, and it's in a frame with "The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous" engraved below the elliptical window.

    Next time "Antiques Roadshow" comes to town, would somebody please let me know???
  76. When some people are afraid to try something because they think it's dangerous, I often jump right in and do it. I can be fearless at times.
  77. The greatest half-hour of comedy ever was the episode of "That '70s Show" where Erik walks in on his parents having sex. Every moment of that episode was priceless.
  78. I have a professional quality croquet set from New Zealand. Unfortunately, I have noplace to play. If anyone knows of a public area almost the size of a football field, let me know!
  79. I have the exceptional ability to untie knots. I've always had it, and I've just gotten better over time. It's one of those things I'm so good at that I can't understand why everyone can't do it.
  80. I take issue with the statement, "If I can do it, you can do it." This is nothing more than self-demeaning in an egotistical kind of way. It implies that they're the worst at doing it. When I hear someone say this, I start wondering if it's time to give up.
  81. I understand that anger usually comes from a fear of one's personal security. This is why I tell people to just leave others alone.
  82. All my notes, papers, tests, and everything from school is neatly filed in two shelves of a large filing cabinet. There've been a couple occassions where they came in useful!
  83. I learned 2/3 of what I know by watching game shows. It's amazing what you can learn just by hearing a few questions answered a day!
  84. I discovered girls when I was only three.
  85. My parents encouraged me to push on toward relationships, so I started getting pushy and invasive. I think this may have scared off more than a few girls. I still can be, sometimes, but I've been getting better. (This may relate to #2.)
  86. People say I take things too seriously. Actually, if you see me panicking, then I'm taking things seriously.
  87. I'm always looking for the good in everything, and I'm always seeing the advantages and disadvantages in whatever comes up without even trying.
  88. I live with this incredible fear that all the powerful devices we have, such as car motors, air conditioners, and anything that spins will thrust the Earth into the sun. Since there's no way off the planet, I just push it aside and live with it, which gets hard sometimes. I just keep reminding myself that the moon locks the Earth in its orbit.
  89. I believe that by the end of this century, we will be working side by side with apes, able to freely communicate with them and coordinate our efforts.
  90. I have played poker twice in my life. In the second game, I had an ace-high flush that lost to a straight flush.
  91. I know people will be offended, but I've been called "The King of the Blonde Joke". I don't tell them except when 1) there are no blondes around, or 2) the blonde deserves it for what she just did (which has happened once). My favorite blonde joke is this:
  92. My past jobs include fast food (three times), stocking and unloading trucks, and a home for Alzheimer's patients.
  93. I will never reveal my sexual fantasy because it is bound to chase people off, including my friends.
  94. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's being late. I'd rather just not show up.
  95. I have had a fan site for my favorite actress, Tracey Gold.
  96. I have had a fan site for Christina Applegate.
  97. I have had a fan site for Deborah Gibson.
  98. I went to see the Houston Hotshots at least once a year when they were playing in the CISL.
  99. I also saw the Houston Hurricanes of the USISL against San Antonio, but that was a terrible game to see: Three players on each side ejected, then San Antonio scored four goals in the final minutes for a 4-3 win.
  100. I love magic, and I'd love to do some small acts. I've actually planned an escape that has a major difference from all the previous escapes, and it should scare the living daylights out of everybody.
  101. Writing all 100 of these was a pain in the butt. But it was worth it!

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