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February 2, 2009
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February 2, 2009

Last week, I talked about how I would love to do more karaoke. So, I looked around for places on my side of town, and the only one is over a half hour away. So, I'm going to have to wait for later.

And that's plenty of time to practice!

I've attended two birthdays in the last two months, and that's got me thinking: I always planned on celebrating a certain birthday big time, and that's the one that's coming up. Well, I know I can't have everything, so I've let nothing stop my wish list from getting infinitely long. So here are the ones I'd like most.

(This list will probably change, and get more serious, as the time gets closer.)

  1. To spend time with the woman of my dreams. But it's Remarkably Unlikely that it will happen then.
  2. An iPod. The thought of an iAnything bothers me, but this is the one thing I don't mind.
  3. Cash. Seriously, I could use a little help after several months of unemployment.
  4. Complete works of the Church Fathers.
  5. I would truly loooovvvve any I got!
  6. Full, registerable copies of Adobe AfterEffects CS4 and Adobe Premier Pro CS4.
  7. Those are two things I'd rather get myself, but it would be really nice to have them.
  8. A shoot match with Vince Russo for his job.
  9. After my last blog, this one should be self-explanatory.
  10. Matt Hardy vs. Adam "Edge" Copeland, Last Man Standing. This is one of my wrestling fantasy matches, the other is anything with both Michelle McCool and Amy Zidian.
  11. The Babylon 5 movies.
  12. But I already have The Gathering and In the Beginning.
  13. Babylon 5: Crusade is the series I don't have.
  14. Married . . . with Children season 5 and on.
  15. Soap season 4, to complete the collection
  16. That '70s Show season 3 and on.
  17. Sliders season 2 and on.
  18. Quantum Leap season 2 and on.
  19. Growing Pains season 1
  20. Battlestar Galactica, both series, all seasons, but not that piece of crap Galactica: 1980
  21. Music CDs. I'd prefer:
    • Breaking Benjamin
    • Nelly Furtado (I have Whoa, Nelly!)
    • Carly Simon
    • Billy Joel
    • Don Williams
    • Barbara Mandrell
    • Ronnie Milsap
    • 3 Days Grace
    • Glen Campbell (early stuff)
    • Christopher Cross
    • The Beatles
  22. A full two-hour set from Deborah Gibson. She's always been my favorite, and I've missed two concerts before, one in Houston and one in Albuquerque.
  23. An Alaskan cruise. I know, it's really expensive, but it's something I can shoot for in the future.
  24. An Orthodox Bible Concordance.
  25. That is, if they make them.
  26. For one of my older computers to be fixed! The power feed conked out a few years ago, leaving a disk stuck in there and a bunch of data where I can't reach it.

As for what the bash will be, I'm thinking outdoors. A park by some body of water, maybe a creek or pond with canoeing, or maybe someplace with good hiking. I'll bring my horseshoe sets, croquet, darts and dartboards, maybe a few more things, too.

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