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March 2, 2009

This is the fourth part of me explaining some things about my 100 things list.

Part One.
Part Two.
Part Three.

  1. I've been in a few fights, and I've only lost one, but only because he was HUGE!!! Still, I have beaten guys bigger than me. But now, I have a bum shoulder, so fighting isn't an option.
I never liked fighting, but when you're a man, it's hard to get out of. I won the fights I did by outthinking my opponent. I always knew my surroundings and used them for defense while setting up my offense. It wasn't running; that when you use your surroundings to get away. I used them strategically.

  1. I don't want a big, expensive car. I prefer something smaller and more environmental. That's why I'm not ashamed of my Neon.
I have a strong environmental side to me. Sometimes, I'll be running along in a hurry, see litter, and actually stop to take time I don't have to pick it up. That's why I like high-mileage cars, and I don't like using it when I don't have to so I don't stink up the air more than I have to.

  1. I love studying word origins. I started for the correct pronunciation of pee-CAHN (French "picant", same pronunciation, meaning "flavorful").
I've actually gotten into arguments with people over the pronunciation of words, especially pecan. Others I've been "corrected" about are ha-rass, ee-clips, and hair-eh-tic. I feel confident about these pronunciations because I've looked up their origins.

  1. My biggest pet peeve is long lines. To me, that just means they're not prepared. They claim they were ready for what was expected, but what actually happens can be worse than what's expected. I was once the only one in the kitchen at Sonic when an accident hit the freeway and we were pounded for an hour and a half, and the store manager never called for help. Anyone who thinks restricting labor is the way to maintain profit doesn't deserve to be a manager, in my opinion. Fixed labor should help improve the economy! If you keep laying off people or cutting their hours, that's less people out there spending!
I got some flak from this one, especially from people I know with degrees in economics and business, but I stand by it. Long waits are simply indicators of poor customer service. As for fixed labor, that makes prices more fixed and more money available to spend. Out-of-control inflation and cutting labor costs means less money for more expensive goods. Does that sound right?

  1. I traced one family line to the captain of the ship that founded Jamestown. Another ancestor was a Scottish minister. I can't find anything on my Mom's dad, though, because the census record I need was destroyed in a fire.
Actually, everyone would find someone of note in their background. Most actually have royalty somewhere. I have a royal from the eleventh century, a better known one, but I'll have to go get my records to remember who it is.

  1. The one thing I hated in high school was the blowhorns we used in football practice. I hate things that loud!
I once attended an event where the woman next to me was screaming so loud, my entire head felt like it was vibrating. That's about all I remember from that painful night.

  1. I quit football after my freshman year because I didn't think it was as rough as soccer.
I stand by this statement. Playing football, there are ways to take the ball away that can knock down your opponent, shoulder-to-shoulder pushes, and fouls that sometimes are not supposed to be called, all within the rules. And just try backing up the goaltender when you can't use your hands or arms! In football, I wasn't even knocked down that often during a game.

  1. I have the exceptional ability to untie knots. I've always had it, and I've just gotten better over time. It's one of those things I'm so good at that I can't understand why everyone can't do it.
I actually learned this when I was a kid because I kept tieing knots in my shoes. I was getting embarrassed because someone had to help me every day, sometimes two or three times, and I decided to learn to do it myself. Here's a tip: The thread you want to pull on is usually hidden behind two others that are side by side.

More next time...

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